Brazil, growing opportunities


Loafs of bread in the factory

All the equipment related to the agri-food chain is well established, but not as much as the potential of the Brazilian market would allow. Italian firms discovered their enormous potential of penetration in this market sector.

In recent years, Brazil has been one of the main realities worldwide. The Country’s agri-food market has an huge growth potential, thanks to the enormous supply of energy and water (Brazil has approx. 13% of the world’s drinking water supply) and of agricultural land suitable for cultivation (approx. 90 million hectares (amounting to 20% of the world’s arable land). In this context, even market sectors directly linked to the agri-business, including those of technological value, may benefit greatly, Brazil is not only the largest producer and exporter of coffee, soy, meat and fruit. Continuous industrialization of the Country, next to technological advances, led many companies to invest in new agri-food production techniques, and more precisely in processing and packaging machines. According to a Guide developed by Promos – Special Unit of the Chamber of Commerce of Milan – based on the data available in January 2012, agri-business is the sector that registered the strongest growth in Brazil over the last decade. Including the production of biofuels, this sector accounts for 25% of the Country’s GDP, and for more than 35% of its exports. The mostly involved sectors: machinery industry; planting and harvesting technologies; seeds, fertilizers and pesticides industry; production of ethanol and bio-fuels; and packaging and food preservation industry.

Industrielle Lebensmittelproduktion