Bagging machine for bread rolls, bread loaves and sliced bread


New Life is a semi-automatic bagging and sealing machine for medium-large production units proposed by Comiz for the packaging of bread rolls, loaves and sliced bread. The machine can be combined with a slicer; it can equipped with a motorized loading conveyor and/or an automatic bag opening unit.

The product is manually filled into the bags by the operator. Then the bags are fed to the automatic bag closing unit for the application of a plastic or aluminium clip-band or a twist-band closure. The machine can be equipped with pneumatic ink printers or electronic thermal printers to print the expiry date and the batch number on the seal.

Various models are available: for plastic or aluminium seal, 40 mm in length, mechanical speed 35 cycles/min., electromechanical operation; for twist band, 100 mm in length, mechanical sped 30 cycles/min., pneumatic operation; for plastic seal, 40 mm in length, mechanical speed 40 cycles/min., pneumatic operation.

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