Automatic vacuum dough sheeter


The VSF TV/MIX dough sheeter is a new system to produce pasta sheets in a completely air-free environment so that, even when the exact same ingredients are used, the finished product comes out yellower, more elastic and firm, guaranteeing excellent quality of the cooked pasta. Has been conceived to produce pasta in automatic mode, without requiring the permanent presence of an operator, thanks to the Premix dough preparation unit with automatic ingredient dosing. It includes: volumetric dosing unit for flour products, electronically controlled dosing system for liquid ingredients, vacuum kneading tank with filter pump and vacuum gauge, bolt-free kneading paddles for easier cleaning, PLC with touch screen and a production capacity of up to 500 kg/hour of fresh pasta. Ideal for producing top-quality filled pasta and pasta sheets of medium humidity. When it comes to cleaning, Storci has always listened to pasta manufacturers’ needs, in fact a lot of care and attention has been put into the design features, avoiding any areas in the machinery where pasta residues could build up while also ensuring easy access to all internal components to make tricky cleaning operations easier. 

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