Automatic identification systems


sickTrack&Trace systems from Sick provide rapid identification of products, allowing higher flexibility in managing and handling products. Sick presents a solution for identifying the volume and position of moving objects located on a transport or sorting belt, irrespective of their physical properties: Volume Measurement Light Grid (VML). This volume measurement system is based on a light grid frame in connection with evaluation logic; it is ideal for applications in the logistics industry requiring high measurement accuracy and high resolution. The system includes a double pair of MLG-2 Pro barriers and an encoder for detecting the third dimension (length). Height and width are sensed by interrupting the light beams of the (vertical and horizontal) light grids, and the volume is calculated as numerical approximation of the maximum value detected for each dimension. Hence, the volume of an irregularly shaped object is obtained from the volume of the smallest enveloping cuboid. Based on light grids, the VML enables accurate determination of objects, irrespective of their surface properties, colour and transparency. In particular, the VML can detect the volume a product wrapped in plastic film, and calculate the net volume of the product. Data can be used for storage and palletization purposes, in order to improve shelf-space in warehouses, pallet layout, and robot handling.

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