Rinsers for aluminium containers produced by Magnoni

The semi-automatic Rinser achieves a speed of 160,000 cans per hour. Dedicated twists are available for quick format change-over
The semi-automatic Rinser achieves a speed of 160,000 cans per hour. Dedicated twists are available for quick format change-over

Made-in-Italy technology by Magnoni offers excellent results for the cleaning and rinsing of cans.

Born in Modena in 1956, Magnoni is present on the Italian and International market and specializes in the design and manufacture of handling systems for the food industry. The company is always very attentive to specific needs of customers, and offers customized automation solutions developed targeted for product quality, competitiveness and reliability. For 60 years it has been designing and manufacturing handling systems for loose or packed food in cans, jars, glass bottles and PET, clusters, bundles, boxes and pallets. The customers of this company are active on different industrial areas, where handling and automation systems that are fundamental for optimizing production. The customer portfolio includes international players like: Coca-Cola, Pepsi, RedBull, Heineken, Mutti, Menù, Eurosets, Noberasco. Magnoni provides effective and customized solution for all type of container.To comply with any rinsing requirement, Magnoni designs and manufactures also made-to-measure Rinsers. Every machine is tested in house before delivery and assembly on the customer’s premises by the company’s specialized staff, thus guaranteeing fast start-up. Magnoni, in fact, provides qualified technical and sales assistance all along negotiations, design, pre-assembly, installation, start-up of the line, as well as excellent after-sales service. Reflecting the – constantly evolving – production needs of its customers, the Research&Development department develops a variety of performing and integrated solutions that respond to these new needs.

With Magnoni’s Rinsers, the internal and external cleaning of cans is performed using water sterilized with UV rays. Cages and twist in AISI 304 are polyethylene-coated

Can rinsers

For the beverage industry, Magnoni specifically developed the rinsing machines of the Rinser series. They achieve a maximum speed of 90,000 units per hour (160,000 with double conveyor) of any format, with movement by gravity. The system for the internal cleaning of aluminium containers comprises a tunnel in AISI 304 stainless steel (on request even AISI 316) complete with cages and twist in the same material and polyethylene-coated. Two versions are available: standard and semi-automatic. The standard model features dedicated channel and twister for each format at the incoming/outgoing of the washing tunnel. The semi-automatic model allows quick format change-over by means of the internal sliding cage; height and width, are adjustable manually or electronically. The semi-automatic rinser features dedicated twist, with the possibility of lodging them into a sliding cage for a quick format changeover (pneumatically or manually operated). Technical highlights include: adjustable nozzles; water opening/closing valve; flow-meter controlling the water flow inside the system; detector of liquids.  The rinsing can be performed using either ionised or hot/cold water (temperature range 0-70°C), sterilized with UV rays or detergents.