Automatic dosing of powdered products


Color Service has been providing automatic dosing systems for powder and liquid products since 1987. In the latest edition of Ipack-IMA, the company presented an automatic dosing system capable of handling any powdered product with precision, speed and repeatability.

All processes are automatically monitored, and data are stored in the software integrated with the customerā€™s management system. The activity of the operator is exclusively confined in the loading of products into storage silos During the dosing, a multi-scale conveyor completely aspirated through a dedicated dust extraction system allows high dosing accuracy of recipes that can be dosed directly into a container that has been automatically created.

This is a fundamental characteristic that allows each individual recipe to be traced. By investing in an automatic dosing system, the customer will be able to benefit from a repeatable production process, resulting in reduction of product waste, energy/water consumption, processing times and costs. The technology reduces to zero the exposure for operators to dangerous substances or toxic ingredients and provides absolute control of the dust emitted during the weighing.