Aseptic filling of low and high acid liquids


The new completely automatic Mustang aseptic filler with double filling head proposed by FBR Elpo is built in stainless steel and designed for the filling of a wide range of products, as milk, cream, ice-cream basis, natural fruit juices and concentrates, tea, etc.

The machine handles continuous module bags, equipped with any type of spout available on the bag-in-box market, including those with pre-mix or post-mix dispensing pipes. Spouts can be “short-neck” or “long-neck” type, placed in the centre or in the corner of the bag; they can be sterilized with chemical agents and/or with steam.

The aseptic bag conveying system keeps the sterilization tunnel and the filling head closed and isolated from the outside environment, ensuring sterility at low consumption. The standard version receives the product directly from a sterilizer, without needing the interposition of an aseptic tank.

An outlet roller conveyor allows the bag unloading on a conveyor belt that allows its further insertion inside the box. Equipped with remote-assistance device, the filler has following features: Bags from 1.2 to 20 litres; operating speed 760 to 1200 bags/h; machine size 2765x4060x3800 mm; product filling temperature from 5 to 45°C.

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