Container sanitizing for safe bottling

Washing and drying system for the inside and outside of containers.

This is what WAB guarantees with its small- and large-scale plants, aimed at customers who are more attentive to the correct use of resources and the environmental impact.

WAB was born in 1996 in Traversetolo, in the province of Parma, one of the most commercial areas dedicated to the bottling industry. For a precise business choice, which is still strongly supported today, it focuses exclusively on the pre-filling part of the process: The preparation of the container. The design, construction and marketing of container sanitation systems have always been its core business.

The first WAB productions are mainly used in the wine, mineral water and oil sectors, for which liquid or air cleaning systems are more in demand. Initially dedicated to local manufacturers, these machines are now supplied to the world’s leading manufacturers of bottling lines. WAB’s extensive experience in design has enabled the company to fine-tune its systems to suit both small and large production environments.

The components modular construction and the consistency of the main structural characteristics have in fact made it possible to design partly standardized machines, with proven and repetitive performance, serving as a solid base for the implementation of solutions tailored to the type of container and treatment cycle involved.

Microbiological decontamination

The need to offer consumers increasingly safe and high-quality products has led to the natural evolution of WAB systems, which now include state-of-the-art solutions not only for the cleaning area, but also for the container microbiological decontamination one. Beside manufacturing the most well-known wet decontamination systems, consisting in a sanitizing solution injection inside the containers and subsequent rinse with sterile water, WAB is committed to the study of alternative methods focusing on resources and process results optimization.

Process control via patented WAB system.

Years of research and testing in the company’s in-house laboratory, together with validation tests carried out in collaboration with some of the most prestigious private and university laboratories, allowed the company to devise a patented system achieving high performance on par with those of traditional systems, and beyond. A system eliminating the use of water in the process and drastically reducing the amount of chemicals used for the treatment.

This application not only offers excellent results with low operating and maintenance costs, but also finds its place in a market that is increasingly attentive to the correct use of resources and to the environmental impact of large production systems. Projects and patents filed over the years have made WAB a reliable partner and supplier of container handling systems for industries with high production and quality standards such as the dairy (milk and milk products), beverage (fruit juice, tea), food and pharma ones.

Design, reverse-engineering, and 3D prototyping tools also allow the company to serve sectors strongly influenced by marketing activities, where containers have the most varied shapes and sizes, such as the cosmetics and spirits industries. In addition to the machines dedicated to container handling, WAB provides many other customized solutions: Automated cleaning systems for the pasta industry; ozone generators for container processing and cleaning of environments; and handling systems incorporating software and cameras for visual inspection of containers.

The organized process of sales, design, construction, quality control and service has enabled WAB to achieve ISO9001 and ISO45001 certifications and to carry out more than 1400 installations worldwide.

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