Cans Depalletizers


Depalletizing aluminium cans is tedious job: The pallet breaks down, the cans are easily damaged, and often two or more operators are required to meet the filling machine’s filling rate.

To solve these problems Emma offers the CD80 depalletizer, calibrated to the needs of micro-producers (under 2000 cans/h) but which can easily reach 12,000 cans/h. The strengths are the compact and robust stainless-steel construction and ease of use.

The operator only has to load the pallet and remove the upper frame of the pallet, while all other operations are automatic. The machine may be connected to water-based or ionized-air rinsers, as well as to devices for automatic pallet infeed and exit.

It can also be easily adapted to other types of containers including pet jars or similar. Other features are: Compact size to optimize plant space; minimum energy consumption; integrated touch screen HMI panel; power 2.6 kW, 400 V 3-phase ,50 Hz; compressed air 25 Nl/min at 6 bar.