Analytical instruments for liquid products


Maselli technology is based on optical refraction for liquid analysis and for increased production efficiency.

The range of process refractometers has always supported the food and beverage industry thanks to its reliability and ease of use. Following the success of the in-line units, the company has introduced a complete range of laboratory instruments.

LP10 is a complete laboratory package for beverages for the analysis of Brix, fresh Brix, Diet, CO2 and O2 and includes a semi-automatic sampler. LR05 is a compact refractometer developed for the food industry as well as many other application fields. It guarantees a high level of precision and reliability, versatility, and ease of use. In order to be ever closer to its customers, Maselli has also developed a whole range of smart panels to complement the main in-line analytical instruments.

These are cloud-based and designed to allow for a more intuitive interface, continuous instruments management even from different locations, remote diagnostics, predictive maintenance, much more efficient management of process data and information; they also provide connectivity and integrations with company systems according to Industry 4.0 standards.