Made in Italy monoblocs for gallon bottles


The Sira Monoblock integrating washing, filling and capping has been designed by Akomag for washing and sterilizing PET or PC gallon bottles or other bottles of various sizes, to be filled with still water. The washing cycle adapts to the customer’s production needs.

To increase its effectiveness the company has designed a special device for spraying and brushing gallons. Special mobile nozzles (penetrating and rotating) wash at high pressure (5 bar) the inside of the gallon while nylon brushes clean the outside. The machine can be automatically adjusted to the different bottle sizes by simply entering the type of container to be handled from the control keyboard.

The control board with touch screen in stainless steel is mounted on one side of the monobloc for easy access; from this panel all line functions, operating data and alarms can be controlled and displayed. The automatic de-capper, all made in stainless steel, is equipped with a pneumatic system that grips the container by the neck to remove the cap. Even a select & reject system for un-capped containers is available.

The filling is performed via pumps controlled by inverter and a new valve ensuring a laminar flow and total absence of contact. Filling management is carried out by means of a meter. The capper is composed of a vibrating soundproofed hopper, a descent channel with tear-off pick-up head, and a mouthpiece closing by means of an inclided pressure belt with adjustable pressure. All adjustments are automatically controlled from the control panel.

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