Accurate temperature and humidity measurement in production processes


Turck Banner Italia introduces the combined CMTH humidity and temperature sensor in a compact version with improved IIoT integration, for monitoring applications in harsh environments. Only 57 mm long and operating in a temperature range of -40 to +100°C, it has protection class IP67 and housing M12.

The interface also facilitates integration: The standard IO-Link Smart Sensor profile (version 4.1.2.) with 64-bit on two channels simplifies the neutral configuration of networked systems. The sensor is particularly suitable for monitoring climatic conditions in production departments handling products sensitive to humidity and temperature.

In simple I/O mode (SIO) the sensor emits a switching signal for temperature and one for humidity. The IO-Link mode offers advantages in modern systems or machines, as the sensor can emit continuous process values and also calculate the environmental condensation rate. The digital interface simplifies sensor commissioning.