Accurate gearboxes


Lenze presents the g500 gearboxes, designed to convert motor speed into torque as precisely as possible. The series continues with its steady focus on the same goals that are behind the Smart Motor: keeping the solution as easy-to-operate as possible along the lines of AC motors while achieving impressive levels of performance and efficiency. Thus, speed settings can be easily adjusted on site with a smortphone app and Near Field Communication (NFC). Thanks to more intelligence in the terminal box, a single variation can cover speeds from 500 to 2600 rpm, while maintaining constant torque. High-performing motors and gearboxes provide a high degree of energy-efficiency. These gearboxes can be combined with IE2 MH three-phase AC motors, MF motors optimised for use with inverters and sermotors MCA and MCS Lenze, to create tailor-made solutions for specific applications. The helical, helical-bevel and shaft-mounted helical gearboxes will be coming onto the market in two phases, starting from the smaller sizes (45 to 600 Nm) in a new aluminium housing, followed by the higher power ratings up to 13,000 Nm, produced in cast iron.

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