4-Axis palletizers


The Alutec Group introduces an automatic system complete with software suitable for the management of more than 100 palletizing layouts for boxes, cartons, displays and tuck end boxes. The palletizer is composed of four axis equipped with brushless motors and precision mechanics.

The gripping system in non-slip materials provides safe gripping and is controlled via a brushless motor. It can carry weights up to 60 kg with a productivity of 20 pieces/min guaranteeing the palletising up to a max. height of 3 m. The palletizer is equipped with an automatic magazine for empty pallets (euro pallet 1200×800 and philips pallet 1200×1000) with a max. capacity of 20 pallets, a magazine for interleaves and a platform at the end for the arrangement of full pallets.

Structure and components are in AISI 304 and anodized aluminum, allowing the use in any type of environment. The palletizer can handle up to a maximum of two bays simultaneously with different outputs; safety devices and certifications make it compliant with Industry 4.0.

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