3,200 assembled cables, configurable online and supplied from stock


PM2215-1igus, the manufacturer of cables for motion, has once again expanded its range of assembled cables for use in energy chains; new items in the range include connectors for the production of assembled cables for Mitsubishi and Parker standards. “In order to offer design engineers even more freedom, our range now includes 3,200 different drive cables, which we fully assemble and deliver to our customers in a short time,” explains Christian Stremlau, head of readychain and readycable division at igus. “Our assembled cables are specifically designed for use in energy chains, so that users can select from seven different quality levels according to their requirements -.” The various drive cables have different approvals and certifications and are assembled with connectors according to the 22 different manufacturer standards. “The fully assembled cables are supplied by igus with centimetre accuracy to the desired length, and without any surcharge for small quantities,” says Stremlau. “We guarantee a lifetime of 36 months for all our cables.” This igus guarantee of reliability is based on extensive tests in the largest testing laboratory in the industry, where the cables are subjected to realistic tests for their suitability for use in energy chains.

The lowest priced solution at the touch of a button
To make the selection of the appropriate cables even easier, all 3,200 different drive cables are listed in the readycable product finder. Here users can easily select the appropriate cable with connector without registering. Then they can learn the delivery time and the price, even accounting for the daily copper surcharge rate. The comparable cables are also juxtaposed compared to identify the savings potentials versus differences of the cables quickly and easily. Next, the correct cable can be directly ordered online. The readycable product finder can be found at www.igus.eu/readycable-finder.