X-ray inspection


Packital distributes the X-ray inspection systems of Mekitec, global manufacturer of systems for the food quality control, based on X-ray technology. Certain products cannot be inspected by using conventional X-ray systems with lead curtains and require a curtain-free system to ensure smooth product flow.

This system is easy to clean, convenient and ensures carefree production with less wearing parts and easier system maintenance. Especially designed for products packaged in cups, thanks to the equipment including automatic product rejection and product guides, it is a most valuable complement of production lines. Cups are used in all food processing industries, including yoghurt and dense products.

The technical characteristics vary according to the model, and those of Meki C are: detection area 240×110 mm; conveyor speed from 0.1 to 1 m/s; X-ray power 30/60 kV, 0.2/2.5 mA, 100 W max; linear scanner with a resolution of 0.4 mm; operating temperature 0/35°C; power supply 110/240 V AC, 50/60 Hz; IP rating IP54.

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