X-ray detection of foreign bodies


Xnext developed XSpectra, a non-disruptive inspection system for real-time detection of non-conformities in industrial products.

In particular, in the area of food safety, it helps to improve food quality by detecting contaminants such as plastics, bones, cartilages, insects, woods and rubbers that would otherwise not be detected by traditional inspection systems.

The system can detect contamination directly on the production line, in milliseconds. It performs a multi-spectral analysis of the product in real time, comparing the energy absorbed by any contaminants and thus declaring the compliance or non-compliance with the required quality standards.

Current inspection systems are capable to perform a 1- or 2-level energy analysis. XSpectra, instead, thanks to the combination of three high-level innovations, such as photonics, nuclear electronics and artificial intelligence, is capable of detecting the full energy spectrum of the incident radiation, up to 1024 energy levels.

This allows to obtain more information on the composition of a product. The technology can be applied to all food sectors and to many products, including stuffed pasta, legumes or processed and bulk meat.

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