Wrap-Around Or Front & Back Labelling


Modular SL, fully customizable automatic labeler, is proposed by PE Labellers with the following features: Production speed from 2000 to 72,000 pieces/h; 6 to 64 plates; self-adhesive technology, hot or cold glue, coil hot glue, shrink-wrapped glue. Labels can be applied on front and back label or as wrap-around.

The following options are available to customers: Orientation systems with cameras; fiber optics or photocells; universal clamping star-wheels; quality control cameras; rejection systems; ink-jet and/or laser markers; empty container pressurization; pucks for unsteady containers. The modularity of this labelling machine allows for multiple configurations and labelling technologies.

Interchangeable labelling stations can be replaced in a few simple steps, allowing you to switch from a system with hot melt technology to one with cold glue or a pressure sensitive one in a very immediate way. The labelling stations can be either fixed or on independent carts. Safety is ensured by ergonomic protections for the complete protection of the operator (when they are open, they instantly stop the machine); the same safety solutions are applied both, on the machine and on all the labelling stations.

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