Wide-range packaging

Electronic horizontal wrapper FP 025 Evo

Tecno Pack presents itself as synonym of technological innovation and reliability thanks to solutions at the top of the food sector, with horizontal flowpack wrappers and systems.

 Well-known in the food sector, Tecno Pack has very important references at national and global level. Its reliability is guaranteed by brands such as Bauli, Nestlé, Barilla, Doria, E. Mauri, Baldi Carni, Buitoni and many others, who entrust the flowpack packaging of their products to machinery and systems of the Schio-based company (Vicenza).

From the small dairy to big processing industries, Tecno Pack has always been studying new technical solutions to enable customers to create a “veritable tailor-made dress” for any food product to be packed. Recently the company developed technological lines to satisfy the needs of sectors that require specific properties, such as high sanitization, great flexibility in format exchange, and reliability in every operating condition.

Outstanding among these lines are the packaging machines FP 021 Long Dwell full stainless steel and FP 025 BB for the dairy sector. The second is an electronic continuous box-motion horizontal wrapping machine specifically developed for modified atmosphere packaging. A peculiar sealing system guarantees perfectly tight packs, and allows the use of thick wrapping materials. Its cantilevered frame and easy access for cleaning and maintenance tasks, comply with the highest hygienical standards.

Hamburger packaging: Full automatic plant developed by Tecno Pack for Baldi Carni in Jesi (Ancona)

Products with longer shelf-life

For the packaging of dairy and salami products, hence for portioned and whole cheese or salami of any shape, Tecno Pack proposes the series FP 025 Super Evo. This wrapper is available in various versions and layouts, and is suitable to run in modified atmosphere, thus allowing to extend the product shelf-life and to favour their marketing also on a long distance.

For harsh environments, where mozzarella and soft cheese are processed, the company has developed the series FP 020 Full Inox Super Evo. This wrapper features entire sanitization, and offers several advantages thanks to its cutting-edge electronics and its user-friendliness typical of the intuitive touch screen common to all Tecno Pack wrappers. Sausage factories and dairies as well as the whole meat and milk processing industry can avail themselves of the flexibility and reliability of the series FP 027 BB stainless steel.

These machines guarantee perfectly tight pouches sealed in modified atmosphere for the wrapping of sausage and cheese that keep intact their fragrance until complete consumption. Tecno Pack machines offer the huge potential deriving from automatic control of all wrappers: From the product loading up to the end-of-line process.

Both in a modular form and step-by-step, the technical staff is always available to study the best solutions to reach the requested automation level, developing fully automatic and integrated solutions, such as the automatic plant for primary, secondary and tertiary packaging for frozen hamburgers recently supplied to Baldi Carni in Jesi (AN).

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