Water cooling towers for tomato processing plants


Ilmed Impianti proposes itself as a partner and technical consultant to identify solutions capable of solving any problem in the field of industrial process water cooling, specifically in the food sector.

In 40 years of activity, Ilmed Impianti acquired experience in the manufacture of water cooling towers, both factory or field erected. The systems are proposed as turn-key plants to satisfy every need, complete with spare parts and revamping for every type and brand of evaporating tower.

The picture shows a typical installation intended for the canning industry. These evaporative towers feature painted steel structure and FRP walls on a plant dedicated to tomato production, with the use of specific filling systems designed for an important company in the South that needed to cool waste water with a high content of suspended solids.

This system manages a flow rate of 1000 m3/h for a total heat disposal of 13,500 kW.