Wastewater processing


Diversified Technologies’s Pulsed Electric Field (PEF) processing uses a high-energy pulsed electric field to break open vegetative cell walls in a process called “electroporation”. PEF processing can destroy pathogens in liquid food and wastewater; increase yields in starch and sugar extraction from plants such as sugar beets; and aid the dewatering digestion of biomass, enabling its conversion to alternative fuels. In this processing, liquids pass through processing chambers and are “pulsed” rapidly with very high voltage electric pulses generated by DTI’s PowerMod electronics. The voltage, duration, and frequency of the pulses can be varied independently, so that optimum parameters are applied for each application. This is a “non-thermal” technology, meaning the substance being treated is not significantly heated. Can be used alone or in conjunction with other technologies. For example, one application has treated milk for three seconds at roughly 50°C to control quality while avoiding the alleged heat degradation of conventional pasteurization.