Vibration-free product transfer


The new series 14 Forbo Siegling Prolink modular belts with a pitch of just 12.7 mm has been developed for applications requiring tight, vibration-free product transfers, even where there are fixed knife edges. Due to its single-row sprocket design, the series is hard-wearing in abrasive applications.

Further advantages are the hinge pins without head that  make fitting or disassembling during maintenance much easier. A closed, solid belt edge prevents damage to the edges. Typically used on cooling and packaging lines at bakery companies and in packaging snacks, the belt is ideal anywhere where tight transfers are required when conveying very small products.

Series 14 is also used in processing meat, poultry, fish and seafood, as well as fruit and vegetables, since the open hinge design cuts down on the critical points where bacteria can accumulate and makes cleaning much simpler and more thorough. The open area of 25% also ensures good circulation of the air and drainage.

The modular belt series is currently available as an open Flat Top (FLT) version in blue and white and in the standard materials (PE, PP, POM, PA).Complying with European regulations  and 21 CFR from the FDA, it also comes with NSF-certification.

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