Vane vacuum pumps


Vane vacuum pumps from DVP Vacuum Technology are suitable for food packaging as well. The picture shows the oil-free series SC from 60 to 150 m3/h, which has unprecedented design and upgrade in terms of performance.

The service life of the vanes is increased by 100% thanks to the graphite with which they are produced and to the low internal operating temperature of the pump. The lower operating temperature of the pump, due to the favourable air passage and the greater ventilation, reduces heat radiation in the working environment with consequent safety and optimisation of the plant and production cycle.

The noise level of the pumps has decreased by about 3 dB thanks to the use of a soundproofing panel inside the casing and the redesign of the geometries of the suction ports.  Maintenance is very easy thanks to the removable front grid, which allows direct access to the vanes, for quick replacement without disassembling the complete carter. The optimization of the suction and discharge stages has improved energy efficiency.

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