Tomato squeezers for continuous service


The professional tomato squeezer by Reber is provided with continuous service industrial motors and metal gears in oil bath. Further features are: possibility of applying protective casing steel of different types (no protection, round fan covers, square semi-professional carter, professional full coverage); power from 400 to 2000 W; ability to mount aluminum or steel gears, straight or helical teeth. Built in painted cast iron and treated for food use, it is equipped with accessories (funnel, filter, splashback, drip) in stainless steel. Suitable for tomato sauce and jams, it can be equipped with filter cones with holes of different sizes, even for special sauces, and can be used for raw and boiled products. The following accessories are available: stainless steel or tinned cast iron meat grinder, from size 5 to 32; aluminum grater with tinned steel roller; aluminum pasta press, with 12 nylon plates; mixing machine 1.6 kg/3 min; nylon tank with stainless steel dough hook AISI 316.

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