Temperature recording via Bluetooth


FT-BT05 is a very compact Bluetooth device for recording temperature and is particularly suitable for applications in the food industry (Haccp).

The App for Android is available for free download from the Econorma website with a smart-phone and the logger serial number can be acquired by scanning. Real-time reading or configuration of the device is done interactively with the mobile device using the Bluetooth 4.0 wireless protocol. Transmission power and minimum/maximum alarm thresholds can be configured in the data logger.

The memory can be cleared to restart with different readings and settings. The main technical features of the mini-data logger are: memory 15,000 temperature readings; 3.6 V lithium battery with one-year life, easily replaceable; recording interval 2 seconds, changeable; plastic case IP-65; internal temperature probe; dimensions 50x35x15 mm; range -20 to +60°C in a dry environment; +/-0.1°C resolution with 1°C accuracy.