Time for weighing things up and assess perspectives


    By the end of the year, it is time for weighing thinks up, and for the Italian food industry 2017 closes with a production in strong growth. In the words of the President of Federalimentare (Italian Federation of the food industry) Luigi Scordamaglia “Once again the Italian food industry confirms itself as the spearhead of the entire industrial sector of our Country“.

    In fact, macro-economic data show broadly positive signals, and indicate that the food & beverage sectors have bridged the gap of production compared to 2007, travelling now on the levels existing before the severe economic crisis that has affected not only Europe but the entire industrialised world. Certainly, it is not yet time to celebrate a victory, because a good bit of the recovery process is due especially to exports, while still a lot of work needs to be done to improve domestic consumption.

    In particular, it is necessary to implement structural measures to improve the competitive context in which our firms have to operate, in particular in terms of bureaucracy and labor costs.  Only in this way it will be possible to grasp the opportunities for potential growth of the Italian industry, and for investments for new foreign initiatives in our Country. This is the best way, on the one hand, to tackle the real challenge inevitably projected in 2018, year in which a slight slowdown in international trade is expected, even if our export often buckles the trend.

    And, on the other hand, it is the best way to reduce the food social gap, still too high between waste and food poverty. Praiseworthy in this direction, the initiative promoted by the Fondazione Banco Alimentare Onlus and the Politecnico di Milano to activate an online course on “Share Food, Cut Waste”, aimed at the management of surpluses to tackle poverty food.

    The course, completely free, is intended for operators in the sector at all levels, to associations and public bodies, and will provide you with insights on the themes of donations of food products, the development of models of responsible consumption, and will provide competences in the recovery and redistribution of food in excess.  In addition, being held in English, the course can be followed by stakeholders from all parts of the world.

    Once again, the Italian food sector becomes the protagonist, not only for the excellence of its productions, too often counterfeited and never even approached for quality and security, but also in terms of social fairness, anchor of sustainable development.


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