Tank cutting system


A new Imcar technology for food and beverage tank manufacturers.

Imcar was established in Milan, Italy, and since 1955 we have designed, manufactured, built and delivered machines and technological solutions all over the world. With over 60 years of experience behind, boasts the record of being one of the most long-lived Italian companies still operating in the sector of forming machines for plate and steel structural works. It quickly gained a reputation on the national and international market as a company specialized in the manufacture of leading-edge plate bending roll technology.

Today occupies a 6500 square meter manufacturing facility and after several years of experience in 2-3-4-rolls bending machines and horizontal and vertical machines fed by sheet and coil for production of tanks of small and medium sizes. Imcar has designed and produced an innovative technology to manufacture medium and large size tanks in vertical suitable for a wide range of industrial applications: petroleum, pharmaceutical, wine, water, beer, fruit juices, chemical products, liquid gases, etc.

Tank production.

The Company’s philosophy is customer oriented, offering a wide, serious, and reliable service of consultancy and assistance. This approach has allowed the constant adaptation to the ever-changing market dynamics. That is the reason why the design and manufacture of Imcar products are still completely made in Italy with care in the selection of the materials and components from the best brands, assuring the high quality of its machines, which characterizes the long life of her products.

Silos for storage

Since years Imcar has developed a vertical technology for large and medium tank applications, and today it has become a reference point for food and beverage companies that need silos for the storage of their products. Imcar keeps a constant relationship with its customers also after the sale to provide a steady service, but also to understand customer’s needs over time and optimize the various production departments. During this latest year, we have developed a new automated solution, a tank cutting system, able to do all cutting operations for the connection of accessories, like doors and sloping bottoms.

Imcar specializes in the production of tanks for transporting liquid foodstuffs.

The conventional technology for the realisation of this type of cuts requires many manual operations and therefore a considerable amount of time and costs, without the guarantee of a perfect result. This automation makes easier all operations and the machine it’s very versatile. The Imcar automatic cutting system consists of a rotary table adaptable to different shell diameters together with a manipulator having a cutting source installed.

The binomial of these two machines has an advanced numerical control that receives the projects in DXF format and transforms it into a cut on a circular surface and controls its distance. The use of gas for cutting also allows proceeding with subsequent operations without having to clean the worked area. The automatic system guarantees a high repeatability of the process and a constant quality of the results. Moreover, it is able to reduce the production costs of the finished product.

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