Analysis with NIR transmission technology


FoodScan has been the global standard for over 10 years. Built by Foss, it has enabled dairy companies around the world to improve quality and consistency of end-products, optimise production processes and maintain competitive advantage.

The new FoodScan 2 is a step forward in NIR transmission technology. In fact, the analysis time is reduced by up to 60%. With 3 sub-scans an even larger share of the sample is measured, reducing also the time for sample preparation. The transferability and standardization of instruments reduces the cost of reference analysis.

The instrument allows the analysis of products (hard cheese, semi-hard cheese, pasta filata, butter, spreads etc.) giving accurate results on their fat content, moisture, protein, salts, total solids, Lean dry residue, saturated fatty acids and pH.

The Colour measurement, measured with the CIE L* a* b standard, is done at the same time as the composition parameters are measured and contributes to increase laboratory efficiency.

Performance monitoring via FossManager and FossAssure secures optimal precision and performance, while networking software allows for automatic backup of data for traceability and easy LIMS integration of results.

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