Sustainable labels and tapes


At the last edition of Ipack-IMA Irplast presented the new range of adhesive Bopp labels and tapes made from raw materials from renewable sources and chemical recycling of plastic materials.

For the Label Tech Division: Preglued4Cans, roll-fed pre-glued labels on cavitated – high-shrink (Lisim Technology) or transparent – polypropylene film to decorate aluminium or tin-plate cans; Multipack, transparent or adhesive film with up to 10 colours rotogravure printing, which allows to reduce the over-pack by 66 % when compared to traditional solutions. Certified Iscc Pluc versions are available. For the Print Tape Division: Loopp and Nopp Tape, adhesive tapes having identical mechanical, optical and physical properties to the virgin fossil-based equivalent tapes.

These tapes have obtained International Sustainability & Carbon Certification (ISCC PLUS); Eco+50%, Bopp adhesive solvent-free tape (thickness 28 μm)  made of 50% of bi-oriented polypropylene film produced and recycled in-house, suitable for any type of cardboard surface; Poly+Eco, pressure sensitive tape made with a special Bopp backing film (thickness 35 μm) characterized by a matt finish look and high-adhesion acrylic adhesive; Airtape+, ecological Bopp acrylic film (19 μm thick) with lower CO2 emissions.

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