Steam, 100% natural cleaning force



From PONY’s fifty-year-long experience a new concept of steam generators rises, which are suitable for cleaning and sterilizing environments and machines for various kinds of markets. GE steam generators are designed and built to be installed easily and quickly. They are guaranteed and reliable, thanks to their safety devices and their electronic water level control. They are built to last, thanks to their top-quality materials and the functional disposition of their components, which makes maintenance a lot easier.  In the blink of an eye GE8 and GE16 are ready for work, with installed powers which vary according to the chosen model. Thanks to their pivoting casters and their built-in feeding tank, they do not depend on the water supply system and can be put anywhere. You just need to connect them to the power supply system to get all the steam you need. They are efficient and reliable, even for intensive working cycles, with the DE LUXE version, which allows up to 14-16 hours of daily work. In addition to the generators described above, which go from 6 to 12 kW, PONY’s range of steam generators offers various choices with different power ranges, from 10 to 66 kW, with models GE25-GE50-GE65 and GE90, for a steam production going from 3 to 90 kg/h (up to 180 Kg/h with the COMBI versions). PONY steam generators are also available in their STAINLESS STEEL version, with the boiler and all the components in contact with water, which are made with AISI 304 stainless steel, in order to produce clean, highly sterilizing steam.

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