Single and double chamber electric ovens


The extensive range of electric ovens from Pizza Group includes mechanical, single-chamber and  double-chamber ovens as well as ovens with doors opening either upwards or downwards. The picture shows the model Pyralis up, one of the latest novelties with upwards door. This electric oven is characterized by low operating costs without affecting efficiency and reliability. It is available in 32 models: mechanical (traditional and special S) and digital (traditional and special S), for baking 4 to 18 pizzas with a diameter of 35 cm. They have a steel front, pre-painted white grey body, steel Upwards door with glass, and a know for opening and closing the steam exhauster and non-thermal handles, low voltage double lighting (12 V). The technical specifications are: power supply 380 V, 3Ph+N+T; power between 6.6 and 26.64 kW, according to the model; Activestone heating system consisting of  a patented perforated refractory stone (22 mm thickness) in which 3 steel armoured heating elements are mounted. Uniform baking is done thanks to the well distributed heat providing for outstanding energy saving. Heating elements and perforated refractory stone replacement is simple and quick thanks to the easy access from the oven door without the need of removing oven parts.

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