Sensors for code reading and object detection


TRITECNICAThe vision sensor Sensopart by Tritecnica combines in a single device object detection, code reading and OCR. Visor V20 allows quick and problem-free reading of characters, 1D and 2D codes. The new hardware with a 1.3 megapixel image chip enables successful use where a standard VGA resolution would fail. These are generally applications in which one or several small codes are to be detected within a large search range. For example, up to 50/sec. codes can be detected in just one reading cycle. The variable focus can be adapted to virtually any operating range. The sensor offers additional imaging options and can be flexibly adjusted to different object sizes and detection ranges without changing the lens or altering the mounting position. Simple mounting; the possibility of connecting it to PC and PLC; quick configuration thanks to self-teaching functions; intuitive, multi-lingual parametrization software (even in Chinese) and the IP67 case make it suitable for any industrial use. The quick processor and the EtherNet interfaces, the RS232/RS422 ports and digital I/O with flexible definition of the output data complete its features.

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