Self-priming pumps 


The RBS self-priming pumps of the A Series are monobloc machines with a stellar impeller made from precision cast AISI 316L stainless steel and electro-polished surfaces.

Their design favours washing and maintenance operations; they have symmetrical vertical mouths that allow perfectly reversible operation, independent pump shaft supported by a robust bearing installed in the body to replace only the electric motor when needed.

The mechanical seals are suitable for food contact (Moca) and there are no welds. Inspection and maintenance interventions are facilitated by the convenient front clamp, which allows to operate on the pump without affecting the connected piping.

It is frequently used in CIP washing circuits and in the transfer of clean liquids such as milk and serum even at high temperatures, but also for syrups, oils, vinegar, beer and liqueurs.

The series consists of three models with hourly capacities from 7 to over 21 m3, DIN 11851 connections from 32 to 50. Model 50AE in the photo is equipped with a brushed stainless steel cover to protect the engine and a tripod with adjustable feet for resting on the ground.

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