Sausages and hamburgers as they once were

Professional meat mincer in stainless steel with protection casing. Ideal for continuous operation, it offers an output speed of 100 rpm Hourly output from 70 to 160 kg
Professional meat mincer in stainless steel with protection casing. Ideal for continuous operation, it offers an output speed of 100 rpm Hourly output from 70 to 160 kg

Available in professional and semi-professional versions, Reber meat mincers and sausage fillers work while preserving taste and quality of raw materials and end product.

All of Reber products are designed and constructed to meet the needs of the food industry, including meat mincers and professional fillers, which handle the raw material respecting its original characteristics, to create genuine products according to Italian tradition. Founded in Luzzara (Mantova) in the heart of the Po plains, cradle of culinary traditions and rich of fertile land, in 1964 Reber was specialised in third party mechanic manufacturing. The two founders, Dino Bertoni and Gilberto Re, have considerable experience in mechanics, and soon start their own production of small kitchen appliances, choppers, pasta press, tomato crushers. In 1975 they started the production of electric tomato crushers, soon followed by meat mincers and cheese graters. In 1985 the company moves to a new plant with an area of 500 sq.m. and a continuously growing and evolving range of products, which includes sausage fillers and vacuum packaging machines. The last transfer in 2011, to the facility in Correggioverde, near Mantua, in a new building equipped with photovoltaic plant and geothermal heating/cooling.

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Reber meat mincer 9503, with stainless steel fan cover Real power 1200 W, suitable for the mincing 70 to 140 kg/h of meat
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Professional Reber sausage filler 8975V, 15 litres, available in horizontal/vertical version, equipped with four filling funnels (15, 23, 28, 38 mm)

Certified electric meat mincers
Reber production has always been characterized by quality, reliability, strength and safety. For this reason the company obtained various certifications, as the TÜV-GS (one of the most strict and qualifying for electric appliances), CSA and UL for the US market. Professional meat mincers are equipped with mixed axial / helical reducer, to improve the yield and reduce the noise level. The output rate is 100 rpm (108 rpm for semiprofessional models). They are available with IPX5 protection class; standard plate and self-sharpening knife in hardened steel (stainless steel for 9503 NP and professional models). The 600 and 1200 W motors are equipped with reversing gear switch. Body, propeller, and ring are produced in cast iron approved for food contact. Stainless steel Aisi 304 is used for models 9503 NP, 9503 NPSP, 10025 N and 10028 N. “Long Life” oil is used, which is suitable for occasional food contact and doesn’t require any replenishing or replacement. The axial reduction unit with metal gears is in oil-bath (nylon 6.6 gears are used for model 9502 N). Cooling fan, fan cover and waterproof switch-condenser box are made in plastic material (the fan cover is in stainless steel for the 1200 W versions) Continuous duty is ensured by electric induction motors.

Vertical and horizontal sausage fillers
To meet the needs of the best tradition of North Italian cuisine, which places on the table all kinds of cold meats and sausages, Reber offers professional sausage fillers in horizontal or vertical version. Fitted with steel gears and casing for their protection, they feature a patented front vent hole without any valves on the piston. Each model is equipped with a set of four filling funnels in different sizes (15, 23, 28 and 38 mm), for handling all types of sausage. The pipe used for stuffing the meat is made in stainless steel Aisi 304, ensuring top hygiene. Metal gears for reduction provide easier and faster multiplication of the piston speed for filling operations (slow) and extraction of the piston at the end of the work (quick). The main casing can be in stainless steel or painted steel.


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