Safety ladders


FARAONEFor the food industry, IMA Faraone produces ladders that grant top safety for working at high altitudes. As the SMT model, for instance, with a wide work platform, with guards and protected access, providing for comfort and safety.  Often operators are exposed to risks while going up and down holding something in their hands that prevent a safe grip. Faraone patented a battery-fed electric platform for lifting objects by simply pressing a push-button. So, the operator can place the object onto the lift platform, climb up the stair, and when he has reached the desired height, he can press the button to start the motor for lifting the object. Faraone patented also Sicur Stop, a lever system that lifts the ladder to retract the wheels so that the ladder rests on solid stabilizer bases.    Thanks to an anti-intrusion bar, when the ladder is being moved, the operator cannot access the ladder.  The company offers also a made-to-measure system called Scala System, that combining several standard components, like Lego elements, allows to meet any working requirement at a height.

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