Safe food packaging

High-speed FlowPack Machine VaquitaDesigned by GNA for the packaging of round fruits, it can be equipped to handle trays as well

Reliable and sturdy machines, equipped with cutting-edge technology, proposed by GNA for the packaging of meat and fish, pasta, rice, baked goods, fruits and vegetables, as well as snacks

GNA is specialized in the production of processing plants and machines for the packaging of food and non-food products. Each machine is the result of the company’s investments in technological research, and combines high quality standards, sturdiness and reliability. The processing and packaging systems are user-friendly and flexible, constructed with high quality materials and components.

Before recommending a solution, the GNA technical team analyses customer’s needs and guides him with maximum efficiency in the identification of ad hoc solution, offering also continuous after-sales assistance. Since 1987, in fact, GNA has focused its activities on customer needs, in order to offer them quality and innovation, establishing an open and constant dialogue with customers, which is the key of their mutual success.

Sensitive fruit in flow-pack

Product protection and transport has been GNA’s mission for over thirty years. From here the idea of the Vaquita project, devoted to the packaging of apples and other sensitive fruits, trayless and in a tray. Whatever the material the customer decides to use to best preserve and present its product – especially in the case of compostable or biodegradable packages and trays – solutions like Vaquita provide a safe, reliable and quick packaging.

Vaquita is a customizable horizontal flow pack packaging machine, ideal for high performances in the packaging of fruits and vegetables, loose or on small trays. This solution is specifically designed for the packaging of round fruits and can be equipped with an automatic synchronizing unit for high-speed feeding and packaging of trays.

The machine infeed features three chains with a wider table top; newly designed silicon teeth, suitable for the transfer of nude and delicate products; anti-friction side belts; upper rail belt, which receives and gently guides the products to the sealing area; lower belts that carry the products out of the machine.

This flexible machine is available in modular construction, and allows to extend the machine infeed in order to obtain a smoother production cycle. It can reach speeds up to 80 cycles/min, according to the specific characteristics of each product. Product transport is guaranteed by a special feeding system, suitable for handling even very delicate fruits without damaging them.

Vaquita’s Technical Specifications

  • Speed from 20 to 80 cycles/min
  • Film width max 800 mm
  • Bag length from 150 to 470 mm
  • Product width from 70 to 200 mm
  • Clearance between jaws max 105 mm
  • Electrical consumption 3.5 kW
  • Compressed air consumption 15 Nl/min