Rotary labelling machines


Simac, manufacturer of linear and rotary labelling machines, is active on the Italian and international market. The Company also provides technical assistance and spare parts; it also designs and produces complete format change-over parts for any kind of bottling and packaging line. The range of rotary labellers includes the models Capcom, Sellers and Wilson, which can be equipped with six labelling (glue or self-adhesive) stations, achieving a production speed between 1000 and 25,000 bottles per hour. These machines can handle round and shaped containers; and can apply adhesive, paper, plastic or metal labels. They are set up for optical centering, for a more precise position of the label. Model Wilson (in the picture) is a rotary machine with fixed magazine, suitable for labelling round and shaped containers at speeds ranging from 1500 to 25,000 bottles per hour. This model can apply up to 6 glue or self-adhesive labels per container, and is equipped with adjustable label modules. The machine can handle paper, plastic and metal labels, and is also suitable to apply special labels, such as L-shaped or U-shaped tax seals with glue, on the neck of containers.

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