Robotic aseptic filler


IFT Italia combined an aseptic bag filling head with a robotic arm from automotive assembly lines to create a robotic aseptic filler. The flexibility of movement of a robot allows to stretch and fill the bags inside metal drums without the intervention of an operator.

By equipping the machine with a special automatic loader, it is possible to use coiled aseptic bags (WEB) from 5 to 220 liters, completely eliminating the manual bag loading phases normally performed by the operator. The same machine can easily fill bags of 1000-1500 litres, favouring manual bag loading operations thanks to the freedom of positioning of the head guaranteed by the robot.

In bag-in-box filling mode, the filler also works as a palletiser by depositing the filled bag inside intermediate storage containers (drums, bins, etc.) or directly in the carton box. The filling performances vary according to the containers and the machine configuration.

The robotic filler can be combined with a tube-in-tube aseptic sterilizer characterized by very low thermal stress thanks to the low thermal differential between the product and superheated water.