Radio-frequency post-baking drying


There are three fundamental phases in baking ovens: development, baking, and colouring/drying. In the last phase, which takes at least one third of the oven length, the product loses moisture, its thermal conductivity falls and evaporation slows down due to the crust formation that acts as a heat and mass transfer barrier.

The removal of the final excess moisture from the product at the end of the colouring phase is therefore a difficult task, bearing in mind that the product must not be over-coloured. Over-baking (browning) has been recognised as one of the causes of acrylamide formation, but the solution is in Stalam RF drying technology.

The RF electromagnetic field, due to its ability to transfer energy to the centre of the product, overcomes the crust heat barrier and directly dries the (wetter) centre of the product without affecting the desired colour.

Practically, combining a traditional oven with a post-baking RF equipment, it is possible to manage the baking process in such a way that the traditional oven carries out the development, baking and colouring of the product, while the last phase of drying takes place in the RF equipment.