Production of ricotta, yoghurt, and mozzarella


Specialised in the production of equipment and plants for the food industry, for the dairy industry in particular, Iannello Inox is based in a modern factory, supported by specialised technicians. The cutting-edge tools and continuous staff training, who follow specific courses to know the latest technologies, demonstrate the company’s commitment to quality.

The Cheesemaker 300 is also part of the range of products, built with all the necessary features to last over time. It is a mini dairy, ideal for the production of ricotta, mozzarella, yoghurt and any kind of cheese. The mini dairy allows various operations (agitating, cutting, heating, cooling, pasteurising, steaming) and the processing of different types of milk.

The lifting double bottom consists of separate sections for heating only the vat bottom or the vat wall, or the vat bottom and wall at the same time. Thanks to this option, the unit can process even small amounts of milk without altering its organoleptic properties. Other features are: indirect steam heating, lifting system sized to facilitate the emptying in the tub, planetary exerting a contrasting rotation on the tools, with speed adjustment by inverter.

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