Patented and compact static electric ovens


Moretti Forni launches the new model of the S series: S50E. Electric static oven integrates in just a few centimetres patented technologies for energy savings and modular baking chambers designed for pizza and bread as well as for pastry and gastronomy.

The “Fource” patented technology reduces the set power by 20%, keeping untouched the available power, making S50E the ideal oven for locations where strict energy and safety regulations are applied. The auto-cleaning function done with heat only and without detergents, allows savings in time and resources, and also prevents food contamination.

Other patented technologies that characterise this oven are: Eco-Standby, for a careful management of work pauses; Half-Load, to have the right power even with partial loads; Adaptive-Power, that automatically regulates the energy required according to the workload.

All this means consumption reduction and improvement of the working space, with staff who will be able to devote more time to other preparations while the oven operates in autonomy.

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