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Located between the provinces of Parma and Reggio Emilia, within one of the major food districts in the world, Inox-Fer is an Italian company that from nearly half a century designs and manufactures equipment for the food and beverage industry.

Over the years, due to the fact that in many families both parents work away from home, consumptions of ready-made sauces like pesto and tomato sauce have boosted. Today, the convenience of ready-made foods is highly appreciated, because preserved food make the preparation of meals faster and easier, and this use binds all Countries. In connection with canned vegetables, it is hard to imagine a category of goods laid down to cover horizontally all food sectors.  Fruits, vegetables, legumes, as well as dairy and fish products: All of them are suitable for preservation in oil, vinegar or under vacuum; or they can be processed into cream-based spreads, sauces or dressings. Even the demographic growth is responsible for the increased need of these goods, especially for economic reasons.

Front view of the cutter produced by Inox-Fer for the food industry
Front view of the cutter produced by Inox-Fer for the food industry

Canned food: safe and hygienic foodstuffs
Food preservation usually involves preventing or inhibiting the natural decomposition of foodstuffs, as well as the availability of seasonal fruits and vegetables all year round. This process contributes also to eliminate micro-organisms or inhibit their activity, so foods keep their organoleptic features intact, and are completely safe from the point of view of health and hygiene. Sauces, dressings, and pesto are ready for use, often even without pre-heating. But even foods packaged in their packing medium, made up of water and sometimes oil or vinegar, may be consumed immediately. Provided the packing medium is rinsed thoroughly away with water, or drained in the case of oil. As for foodstuffs packed in jars and tubs, the market is quite stable and ripe, without major innovations, especially because it is linked to the gastronomic tradition. The companies manufacturing food processing machines are far more innovative. Like Inox-Fer, an Italian manufacturer specializing in the construction of complete processing lines for fruit and vegetables, and its ProCut series, designed to obtain finished products such as pesto and sauces, starting from raw materials. This unit has been designed for the industrial production, in a single work cycle, of finished or semi-finished creamy products. A block with three double toothed blades can cut the fresh or frozen raw material, which is then mixed according to the times and speeds entered for the three stirrers (side, bottom, and under the lid). The cooking temperature can reach a maximum of 120°C, with under-vacuum or direct steam injection into the tank by means of nozzles that directly blow the steam onto the product.


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    Our group is interested on machines that are able to process pepper sauce known as caviar. We would like to know if you could possibly send us a catalog of all your machines that can process pepper with all their details for e.x.
    1.The volume of the machine.,
    2.How much can it produce..
    3.The heating system and temperature.
    4.The machine’s and transportation price.

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    I would like to inform that we are looking for complete pasta sauce production line for Iran market so it would be appreciated if send me quotation with 5ton/hr capacity.
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  3. Hi , I need this macine but I don’t have idea how to make any Souce process can you guide me .
    May I request you can you help me ,
    Also help how to process and how many product of any Souce making

  4. Hii, we are looking for machine which could help us in manufacturing confectionery sauces such as dark chocolate sauce, caramel sauce, white chocolate sauce, etc. Kindly mail me details regarding the machine on

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