New labelling and packaging technologies

The GNA stand at the last Ipack-IMA, surrounded by visitors interested in its labelling and packaging machines.

As those proposed by GNA, an Italian company that makes Made in Italy its flagship, and increasingly integrates its packaging systems with solutions that complement the processes.

With the curtain down on the international Ipack-IMA event, GNA is all in all quite satisfied with the quality of the new contacts, given that it is the first event to which it participated after the pandemic. However, “we would have appreciated a greater organizational attention from the various trade fairs”, says Valerio Nucci of the GNA management “which instead chose the same dates for three important events such as Ipack-IMA, Cibus and Macfrut.

This certainly did not make it easier for companies with a transversal business model”. The machines exhibited by GNA presented many novelties regarding technology and materials that for the Emilian company represents the fundamental prerequisite for producing reliable, safe and efficient packaging machinery. In particular the horizontal flow-pack packaging machine Chimera; and Europa, a print&apply labeller for top and bottom labelling: a new product that integrates packaging systems with solutions that complement the processes.

Chimera, a “box motion” horizontal flow-pack packaging machine with film reel in the upper part of the machine.

Packaging using paper or compostable and biodegradable films

Chimera has been presented with paper as packaging material, but can process all kinds of flexible, traditional, compostable and recyclable films. Chimera is a “box motion” horizontal flow-pack packaging machine with translation of the transversal jaws, where the product is driven into the sealing area on the machine infeed via a central chain and pushers. To preserve the product, the packages are perfectly sealed, with two crosswise sealings and a longitudinal sealing under the bag.

With a frame made of AISI 304 stainless steel and aluminium, Chimera is a highly performing, flexible and modular machine. Customizable according to the products to be packaged, it can be equipped with an automatic synchronizer. Some of the main technical features are: Speed up to 80 cycles/min, film reel width 800 mm, product width from 70 to 200 mm, product height 200 mm max, clearance between jaws 240 mm max, compressed air consumption 200 NL/min, electrical consumption 3,5 kW.

The use of two brushless motors (crosswise sealing jaws and truck) allows a perfect machine control. The multi-lingual touch screen panel facilitates data preparation and storage for its commissioning. Manufactured with IP 55 grade and available on request in higher grades, Chimera is suitable for packaging any product, solid, food and non-food, and can be used in any sector: fresh-cut produce, fruit and vegetables, bakery, dairy, meat, convenience food, etc.

Print&Apply Labeller for top and bottom labelling Mod. Europa 2NS2, designed by GNA to integrate its packaging systems with solutions that complement the processes.

Print&Apply labeller for top and bottom labelling

The EUROPA range consists of high-performance automatic labelling systems suitable for a wide range of applications. Available in different versions (top, bottom, top and bottom), the machines feature state-of-the-art electronics and an advanced and versatile management software. The labellers are operated through the user-friendly 15,4” touch display and web interface.

The modularity that characterizes them allows to meet any need of weight, product shape, cadence and dimensions. The quality of materials and components and the AISI 304 stainless steel structure allow quick and easy cleaning and sanitizing operations. GNA has equipped the machines of the Europa series with two printing heads and two conveyor belts. The dimensions of the infeed belt are 300×1000 mm, while the exit belt measures 300×550 mm.

Other features and equipment are: Machine dimensions 1600x700x1600 mm; power supply 230 V (absorption 1,5 kW/h); labelling machine type AH871; Ethernet network with TCP/IP protocol; print resolution 8 dots; label sizes from 40×40 to 100×100 mm; labelling rate up to 90 packs/min, depending on the size of labels and trays. The printing method can be thermal or direct transfer, with both top (air-blast, direct contact, arm contact) and bottom (dynamic, direct contact) labelling.

35 years of activity

The development of technological solutions that guarantee quality, hygiene and safety has been GNA’s mission since 1987. The experience acquired over 35 years of activity allows the company to respond promptly to requests and provide qualified advice. Since 1987, in fact, it has placed customer’s needs at the center of its objectives, and every day it works to achieve them by focusing on commitment and dialogue, believing that this is the key to mutual success.