Motorized Rotating Platforms


Magnoni provides reliable and technological handling systems, meeting the specific needs of its customers. Among the various products of the catalog, can find the Motorized Rotating Platform, handling system suitable to connect two or more conveyors or conveyor belts, without varying the load feed front. The Platform are composed of two types of handling systems, one for rotation, other one for the load feed. The rotating section is formed by a painted or galvanized iron structure complete with leveling legs to ensure robustness, reliability and durability. Rollers are made of steel and speed varies based on the container or support. The electromechanical system can be made with 90, 180 or 360° rotation. Used mainly in the handling of heavy loads up to 1.5 kg, such as pallets and bins, Motorized Rotating Platform is applied in the post-packaging, pre-storage or post-storage. For the load handling, can be equipped with motorized roller conveyor or idle or catenary for pick up or storage, while the rotation and translation must be synchronized by means of a photocell or sensor. Magnoni designs and builds Motorized Rotating Platforms for all fields, in standard version or customized version.

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