Why not just use inverters? Essentially for the ease of assembly (assumed) with respect to an electronic device to be wired up and programmed, the reduced size, the degree of protection from dust and liquids and the ease of use, the difficulty of integrating in the system the inverter with its cabinet, the accessibility of the controls. Sometimes also the cost of the inverter can be considerable, especially when it is added to that of a cabinet and cables. With Motive NEO-WiFi these reasons are no longer valid. There remain only the advantages of the inverter. In fact, is a motor-inverter and as such cancels the need for cables and cabinets, the study, the installation, the wiring, and the testing of the motor+inverter system, as well as the risks associated with possible errors. Keypad of the NEO-WiFi is removable, can operate remotely over wireless and can be placed up to 20 meters away. No wiring, no cables. It does not need wiring because it is supplied by induction when placed in its housing on the motor or in the “block” device, or fed by rechargeable lithium batteries. Not requiring cables and cabinets, and being an integral part of the motor, it does not take up space. NEO-WiFi is IP65, its keypad IP67.

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