Mixing pumps


Fristam mixing systems are specifically designed for dissolving, emulsifying and homogenising dry and wet ingredients into fluids and avoid the formation of gelled powdered lumps.

Mixers provide homogeneous products, and reduce production time by up to 90% compared to traditional systems (Tri-blender or tank with agitator). Three mixing solutions are available:

Powder Mixer PM, consisting of a self-priming centrifugal pump and a displacement pump, it is used to mix high quantities of xanthan gum, pectin, gum arabic, and other similar products in powder like CMC, carob seed flour, etc. in a very short time;
Powder Incorporator PE, consisting in a self-priming pump, used to dissolve and hydrate easily soluble powders like sugar, fructose, citric acid, etc.;

Powder Dissolver PL (in the picture), consisting of a shear pump. Ideal and economical solution to dissolve powders that require high “shear rates” (>125,000 1/sec), thanks to high speed peripherals (> 50 m/s), it is suitable to emulsify liquids creating particles < 2 µm and to reduce the size of solid particles up to a few micron.

It is used, for instance, in the mixing of stabilizers, proteins, flours and starches in the production of creams, sauces, fruit juices and flavoured drinks. The max powder intake is 5000 kg/h.