Marking with biodegradable inks


Printing systems and inks to satisfy any marking need and products’ codification, as well as packaging, ensuring high quality printing results even on the latest materials.

Founded in 1978 in Sassuolo (Modena), in a few years Zanasi has established itself as an Italian company able to manage and create – entirely in-house – industrial ink-jet printing systems. Two important milestones marked Zanasi’s technological development: in 1984 it launched the fi rst ink-jet system with DOD technology (drop on demand) entirely manufactured in Italy for the printing of large characters on secondary packaging, and in 1989 they started the production of the fi rst small character marking system with CIJ technology (continuous ink jet), so far the sole completely “made in Italy”. Furthermore, the continuous research of Zanasi company can also be seen in the formulation of technological inks, according to the type of application and in compliance with the European Regulation REACH 1907/2006 and Eupia Guideline (European Printing Ink Association), which identify the careful selection of raw materials to be used in the manufacture of food packing inks.

Two state-of the-art ink-jet printers

Zanasi offers a wide range of industrial inkjet systems which include Z5000its systems, installed in customized version at Gruppo Ambrosi who operates in the dairy sector, and the innovative printer system Z640. The Z5000its system allows printing up to fi ve lines, with a selectable vertical gap and up to 250 characters stored per message, equipped with exclusive software for the printing management with moving head (translation) in a longitudinal direction in relation to products feed. The print head is supported by an automated arm, which is controlled by a sensor that synchronizes it with the conveyor that allows up to 12 printings for each translation during forward and backward movement, with a maximum speed of 1 m/s. Z640, an innovative high defi nition system, with piezoelectric technology, for printing on porous and non-porous secondary packaging avoiding the use of labels. Direct printing onto outer packaging is the most cost-effective method for printing with up to 10x cost savings compared to labels, and also printing graphic images and barcodes in high defi nition. The originality of this system is the “Trident” print heads used by Zanasi. They have achieved the prestigious GS1 Standards Solution Certifi cation for demonstrated reliability in the inkjet printing of high-quality barcodes (GS1 128).

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