Marking with biodegradable inks


Eco-compatible inks

Zanasi has developed an important research project to create innovative biodegradable inks using solvents without OGM components. The News Bio Ink 511 Plastics Black, completely Mek-Free and 91,8% biodegradable, is exclusively made with vegetal derived solvents that don’t release any volatile or organic harmful components into the atmosphere. Besides offering a great adhesion and fast drying action on multiple surfaces, Ink Bio 511 will not alter the biodegradable characteristics of the surface thanks to its lactate construction. The base solvent of this ink, made with soy and corn extracts, is approved by EPA (Environmental Protection Agency).

The complete satisfaction of a consumer in the dairy industry

Gruppo Ambrosi carries out its work in the dairy sector, where it operates as manufacturer but also as trader, seasoner and packer. The group supervises two branches, one in Nice, France and one in New York, USA, as well as a commercial company, Migali, in Ho.Re.Ca sector in Veneto and Friuli regions. Since 2010, the group supervised Abele Bertozzi, a company based in Parma, specialized in the production and packaging of Parmigiano Reggiano. Abroad, Gruppo Ambrosi focuses its sales on the European markets, North America and Japan, with brand strategies and special products, which are typical of the Italian dairy industry. The business of the company reaches almost 300 million Euros with 275 collaborators.

The needs and solutions in the marking industry

Gruppo Ambrosi has always focused on research, to satisfy its clients’ requests, fi nding the most adequate solutions to be applied to the manufacturing process. In relation to the marking system, the fl exibility in modifying what needs to be stamped on the pack, speed, duration of ink over time and the economic aspect of the systems in medium-long periods are all fundamental criteria. The first system Zanasi tried for butter production was the Z4000 printer, as it was able to offer a good result in terms of speed and could guaranteeing 120 pieces per minute. Furthermore, in comparison to the previous system, which used cliché that needed to be replaced for each text variation, the Z4000 offered more fl exibility and allowed to implement changes in a simple, economic and quick way. Taking into consideration the performance and reliability of Z4000 printer, it was decided to install the same system for the production of ricotta and mozzarella cheese for pizza restaurants. The ability to print lot/due date directly on the strip which notably increased levels of fl exibility, speed and reliability. Concerning butter production, the GraphJET system was installed for coding cartons at the end of the production line. In this case as well, the fl exibility guaranteed by the marking system satisfi ed the needs to modify information according to the destination of the product. Also, the system is connected to the Internet and it can be easily set up and remotely modifi ed. Upon specifi c request on behalf of Ambrosi, Zanasi created a print head system able to translate and place the necessary information on eight pieces of Grana Padanos’ products simultaneously on the same production line. The Z5000its system has two print heads able to print lot/expiration date on products that lay on the thermoforming level that packs mono- portions of Grana Padano in a comb-like system in two slightly offset lines. During its stopped phase to allow the containers’ welding, the packaging line is crossed by two independent print heads that translate distinct marking positions from one side to another. Furthermore, the Z5000its keyboard incorporates, within its programming software, the necessary functions to set the speed and printing positions, allowing marking, pausing to proceed to the next phase and an equal/contrary marking in return, and therefore completing two distinct cycles. The personalized Z5000its system installation has given exemplary results.

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