Made in Italy for exports

Rotary labeller Modular Top with plate rotation handled by integrated servomotors and cold glue, adhesive, hot-melt modules on cart

With an all-Italian technology, PE Labellers exports labellers in Europe and worldwide.

An Italian excellence, PE Labellers, a company specialized in designing and producing rotary and linear labelling machines, has been present on the Italian market for forty years. The company can bring innovation and changes to all the machines of its range in compliance with the needs of each customer, in order to find the best solution for an optimized production. 95% of its turnover derives from exports, with over 10,000 rotary and linear labellers installed all over the world. Even in Italy the company’s customer portfolio includes important brands. In fact, recently PE labellers acquired a new order from Menz&Gasser. The company, located near Bolzano in South Tyrol, specializes in the production and packaging of marmalades, jams, and fruit preserves, but the portfolio of products also includes honey, syrups for refreshing drinks and the latest product launched on the market, “Nocciolino”, its hazelnut spread.

Modular labelling

The new order placed by Menz&Gasser is a 1730 mm Modular TOP labelling machine with servomotors, equipped with cold-glue and self-adhesive trolleys, which can be interchanged according to buyer’s specific needs. The customer was looking for a high-performance machine, and PE Labellers designed a labelling machine that reaches a production speed of 36,000 BPH. The machine features universal stars specifically designed by PE Labellers for this purpose and suitable for mixed cold-glue and adhesive applications. The need to have two kinds of labelling methods comes from the variety of labels to be applied, namely stamps, capsule covers and fabric covers with an automatic joiner on the infeed star. The labelling machine was designed to allow the addition of tamper-evident seals and centring performed by cameras in future. As stated by its name, Modular is a labeller with no constraints. This meaning that it’s up to the user to decide which labelling station to install, when to install it (before, during or after the purchase), and whether to install labelling units as fixed or modular fittings. Users needing to change the kind of application because marketing requires it, today do not have to replace the whole machine – as it was in the past – because they can choose anytime between modules on carts or fixed stations available for any kind of labelling technology: cold glue, hot-melt, self-adhesive (including non-stop) and roll-fed.

Roll-fed Rollmatic 540 with hot-melt glue system for large containers. Suitable to handle cylindrical plastic bottles up to 20 litres
Roll-fed Rollmatic 540 with hot-melt glue system for large containers. Suitable to handle cylindrical plastic bottles up to 20 litres

Attendance to European exhibitions

Many other innovations that PE implemented on its machines have been on show on the stands of two important European exhibitions. At Brau Beviale in Nürnberg, for instance, PE presented the first roll-fed Rollmatic 540, with hot-melt system for big containers, suitable to handle round plastic bottles up to 20 lt. The roll-fed labelling machines have been completely updated and now offer greater versatility for the user; guarantee of better glue distribution with greater savings; increased ergonomics of the labelling module. Equipped with latest generation electronic software, they feature a new transmission system to guarantee lower noise and zero maintenance. On the stand even the Maya sleever, for the application of sleeve labels on containers, empty of full, of any material, shape and size, with shrinkage percentage up to 80%. The advantage of sleeve labels is that they allow the use of the entire surface of the container to present the features of the product, in addition to making the packaging thoroughly modern and appealing. In Paris (All4Pack), together with its French subsidiary, Omme France, PE exhibit two labelling machines of the Modular range: the smallest (450) and the largest (2320) of the range. Modular Plus 450, with a speed of 3,000 bph, is equipped with 3 self-adhesive stations running at 20 m/min, for the application of back labels and large neck labels. Plate rotation is guaranteed with stepper motors, and an optical spotting system with photocells provides for accurate spot reading of champagne capsules. Top of the range, Modular Top 2320 achieves a production speed of 20,000 bph. It is equipped with three labelling modules on carts with mixed cold glue and self-adhesive technologies, plate rotation system with servomotors, and BBULL spotting cameras.