Labelling machine


A dynamic and rapidly expanding business, a closely knit team with thirty years of experience behind it, an extensive international sales network, a rapid pre-sales and after-sales assistance service, great operational flexibility and an ability to anticipate the needs of a constantly changing market: these are some of the characteristics that in only a few years have established Makro Labelling. Every machine in the company’s range is known for modularity and flexibility, and for an ability to label between 1500 and 45,000 bottles/h, applying up to five label parts per bottle. All machine structural elements are made entirely from stainless steel or are finished with industrial anticorrosion treatments for maximum hygiene and durability over time. The machine are: nine models, Mak0 to Mak8; labelling unit Mak AN, AS, AHS1 AHS2; cold glue unit Mak G, GHS, GLL; new hot melt gluing unit. All machines are CE marked and conform to applicable EU directives. More than a simple growth in numbers the expansion represents real generational change and confirms the solidity and dynamism of Makro Labelling and its commitment to becoming even more competitive, expanding into new markets and maximising company potential.

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